SUP EPS 11’0″x 32″ x 4′ 1/2″ Classic クラシック

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SUP EPS 11’0″x 32″ x 4′ 1/2″ Classic クラシック

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最新テクノロジーの EPSボード(EPSフォーム+エポキシ樹脂のボード)で、軽量化されたボードです。

This model is similar to BIC Sport C-TEC Bamboo Classic 11’0″, one of best-selling designs an ideal for flatwater cruising as well as longboard-style surfing in waves. Instead of single fin, this board has thruster fins which enables a rider to turn easier and instead of squash tail, a square tail which is wider and helps ad stability to a board.  Because of the extra width in the tail, the board will have less curve in the rails.  The corners of a square tail dig into a wave while turning and help increase the ability of a surfboard to make pivotal turns. If you are good at surfing, then 9’10” would be recommended.

このモデルは BIC Sport C-TEC Bamboo Classic 11’0″に似たデザインで、Bicのシングルフィン+スクアッシュテールに対して、トライフィン+スクエアーテールに仕上げています。トライフィンは安定性、マニューバー性に優れ、スクエアーテールはスクアッシュに比べて広いため、その分レールのカーブもゆるくなり、レールをより深く波に入れてスピードと安定感を持ったターンを実現させます。
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This is a great choice for paddlers looking to get started in the Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) sport. This board has substantial volume and width to offer high lateral stability, meaning fewer unplanned trips into the water. The volume of the board is spread evenly and it has a finely balanced rocker to make it easy to handle in flatwater. Even so, it can still be used to twist and play in the surf which makes the this board a solid choice for the beginner SUP paddler who wants a board that can go anywhere.


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SUP 11’0″x 32″ x 4′ 1/2″

SUP Bamboo Classic Okinawa Brand
11’0″ x 32″ x 4′ 1/2″

EPS core with single wood stringer
6oz+bamboo+4oz on top
Epoxy Resin
Carry Handle
Air vent
Deck Pad

Price 120,000 plus Tax.

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